February 1, 2023
Time: to

Address: 210 N Pentz St, Dalton, GA 30720
Admission: $10- students, $12- seniors & DLT members, $15- general admission

Over at Dalton Little Theatre, “Hellman v. McCarthy,” by Brian Richard Mori, is the next play to take stage. Run time is January 20, 21, 22, 27 & 28. Doug May is the director. Mary Therese McCarthy (who lived from 1912-1989) and Lillian Florence Hellman (who lived from 1905-1984) were literary giants of their time. This play is a fictionalized account of the greatest literary feud in Modern American History. The audience will see the story unfold of two literary giants; two women who should have been great allies but ended their lives battling each other in court. They became infamous enemies after a confrontation at a poetry seminar at Sarah Lawrence College some thirty years before Hellman’s lawsuit for libel was filed on February 15, 1980. Hellman’s lawsuit claimed $2.2 million in damages due to Mary McCarthy’s accusation, made during an interview on Dick Cavett’s late night talk show, that “Every word Hellman writes is a lie, including “and” and “the”! Many writers and supporters of free speech rushed to McCarthy’s defense, including an heiress, who picked up McCarthy’s $25,000 legal defense fees and saved her from certain financial ruin. In 1984 Hellman died before the lawsuit came to trial, and the suit was dropped. Come see sparks fly as the two “grand dames” duel both in and out of courtrooms for four years – for a total of one hundred and thirty-five days! DLT’s “Hellman V. McCarthy” features Kitty Reel as Lillian Hellman and Judith Beasley as Mary McCarthy. Tickets are now available at daltonlittletheatre.com